Mike Mead, Whitefish Featured In Cooking Class

Whitefish is the definite fish of choice in Door County and Savory Spoon Cooking School is always proud to support local food and to feature chefs who also support local products.

Mike Mead is the chef and owner of Shoreline Restaurant in Gills Rock. Mike and his wife Mary have owned the restaurant for 20 years and he is the primary chef. He, and whitefish, will be featured in a cooking class at Savory Spoon on June 16 at 6 pm.

Mike is a great teacher and with his contagious smile, students flock to his informative and entertaining classes. Join the class and learn about local and sustainable whitefish.

WhitefishMike buys his fresh whitefish from one of the county’s most recognized fisheries and its owner Charlie Henriksen has been providing fish to local restaurants and area markets for more than 30 years. Mike buys his smoked whitefish from Charlie’s Smokehouse in Gills Rock.

Students will learn to create Whitefish Baked with Sweet Peppers; Onions/Seafood Belvedere; Whitefish Tacos; Broiled Whitefish Sandwich; and Smoked Whitefish Platter.

For more information on upcoming classes or to register, visit or call 920.854.6600.

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