Mike Walker Replaces Bud Kalms as Highway Committee Chairman

Welcome to “Notes from the Grove” providing information about Liberty Grove Town government to residents and visitors.

• Mike Walker has replaced Administrator Bud Kalms as the chairman of the Highway Committee. Kalms will remain on the committee but will have more time available to spend on his numerous other duties as Town Clerk and Town Administrator. The Highway Committee approved the nomination of Waters End Road as a Heritage Road. It becomes the first road in Liberty Grove to be so designated.

• The Plan Commission heard a request for a variance on a parcel located on Mossy Cliff Trail. The request was made by Stuart Martin for a porch addition to a residence. The commission decided the request did not meet all three requirements for a variance and has sent a recommendation to the Town Board to not support the request.

• The new video equipment for main meeting room in the Town Hall is being assembled and will be scheduled for installation in the near future. Equipment includes a large screen TV, new computer and the necessary components to connect the computer to the TV. The current pull down screen and projector will be replaced by the new system. Also planned is the installation of a video camera to film board and committee meetings which would allow interested parties to obtain recordings of the meetings. Currently audio recordings are available.

• Additional budgeted items include a highway traffic counter (which will provide data on road traffic counts, vehicle speeds, and time of day traffic) which will be useful in determination of road maintenance. The state will no longer do traffic counts on town roads. Another item is a scissor lift for the maintenance department. In the past it was necessary to rent or borrow equipment to reach and work on elevated projects. Economic Development has proposed becoming an investor in the Door County Economic Development Corporation. $1000.00 was proposed with the monies coming from the room tax revenue the town receives.

• The board will consider an upgrade to the current heating system in the shop area. Maintaining a consistent heat in the shop areas has been difficult during very cold weather.