Letter to the Editor: Mill Improvement Plan Needed

Sister Bay is number one.

Congratulations to all past and present board members. Your individual actions, when put together, have driven Sister Bay’s mill rate to be, by far, the highest of our municipal neighbors. 

Currently Sister Bay’s mill rate – thanks to the Oct. 8 Peninsula Pulse for the great information – is a huge 167% higher than Ephraim and a whopping 243% higher than Liberty Grove. Yes, Sister Bay is also number one in cost-to-service, with our debt currently costing us 304% more than Ephraim and 296% more than the much larger Liberty Grove.

Does Sister Bay need a CIP [Capital Improvement Plan], as noted in the Oct. 15 Pulse article, to help decide how to spend millions more on improvements that all in Northern Door will benefit from? Probably. However, first I believe our elected representatives’ top priority should be a serious MIP [Mill Improvement Plan] to get the mill rate back down near those of our neighbors.

Rodney A. Hedeen, 

fourth-generation Sister Bay native

Sister Bay, Wisconsin