Miller Announces Dome House Artist-In-Residence

The Miller Art Museum has selected Christopher T. Wood as its 2023 Dome House Al & Mickey Quinlan Artist in Residence. Wood receives an unrestricted $500 stipend and will have access to time, space and resources to advance his work at the Dome House, where he will be in residence Aug. 1 – Sept. 25.

“I plan to immerse myself in the local environment and the character of the Dome House,” Wood said. “As a pataphysician, I am drawn to study that which is exceptional, and the house surely is. I will listen to the stories the Dome House has to share and represent them within the tales of the supplementary universe as depicted in my ethereal powdered-graphite drawings.”

Through a process Wood has developed, he creates drawings consisting of powdered graphite. He plans to draw a new piece each day, and they will eventually become a set of drawings, each serving as an extension of the other. The drawings may overlap, enhance or repeat to further showcase his experiences. Wood’s work has been in exhibitions worldwide.

The Miller Art Museum administers the residency – now entering its third year – jointly with the Quinlan/Wagner family and carries on the intent of the Dome House, as visioned by Al Quinlan, to serve as a creative haven for artists. The museum plans to host a free, introductory program during which the community can meet Wood. Details will be announced later.