Mimi’s Nice Ice Opens in Sturgeon Bay

With a selection of handcrafted products such as coffee ice in the shape of coffee beans, lemonade ice in the shape of lemon wedges, and perfectly clear balls of ice, Mimi’s Nice Ice opened a retail storefront in Door County in early June of this year.

“The most common question people ask is where I got the idea to create specialty ice for beverages,” commented Michelle Meacham-Christensen, owner of Mimi’s Nice Ice. “The short answer is that I saw the need for something like this. People love experiencing little luxuries such as gourmet and artisan food and beverages, but no one was making high quality ice for drinks available to consumers,” said Meacham-Christensen.

The retail store offers a variety of ice molds for customers who want to make their own ice at home, as well as a limited supply of specialty beverages such as elderflower and rose lemonade. Custom orders for ice are also available.

Mimi’s Nice Ice is located at 231 Michigan St. in Sturgeon Bay. Regular hours are Thursday through Saturday from 11 am – 2 pm. For more information, visit or call/text 920.495.4519.