Mixed-media Sculptures, Paintings at Idea Gallery

“Out of the ordinary from ordinary objects” comes to mind when you view the works by three artists represented by Idea Gallery:  Wendell Arneson, David Kwasny and Cynthia Wolfe. This show features these three artists with their mixed-media sculptures and paintings. The opening reception for Exhibition #4 has expanded hours from 3-8 pm on Sept. 29. On this same date, Idea Gallery is partnering with three other galleries.

Door County mixed-media artist, Wolfe said, “Just about anything can be transformed into some kind of art. I let the materials from a field behind our house, a parking lot, thrift shops, and garage sales guide me in fabricating mixed media sculptures, collages, and jewelry.” Elements of surprise and mystery, with a touch of whimsy are included in her artworks.

Kwasny lets his thoughts, and moods, dance into his artwork. Confronted with health challenges, he finds hope in his art. Layer upon layer, he builds a message into his wall pieces and sculptures. He uses newsprint, toys and other found objects.

Colors explode on the canvases of Arneson, while his drawings are more stark, black and white images. Arneson is a Professor Emeritus of Art at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn. He said, “I am interested in work that resides both in the objective and non-objective worlds. I am equally attracted to the gesture or non-descriptive mark as well as the power and ambiguity of symbol and image. Art, for me, does not provide answers but rather provokes questions and seeks possibilities.”

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