Mobilizing to Defending The Right of Nature

Anahkwet (Guy Reiter), executive director of a Menominee Indian community organization called Menīkānaehkem, will discuss the Right of Nature on April 2, 10 am, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County, 10341 Hwy 42 in Ephraim.

The Right of Nature (RON) is a movement to protect land and resources for future generations by bestowing legal personhood to nature. Countries such as Ecuador and New Zealand have incorporated the RON into their legal code, and in America, local governments are calling for a similar elevation of legal status for natural systems. 

Anahkwet is a traditional Menominee who resides on the Menominee Reservation. He serves on the Menominee Constitutional Taskforce and is an activist, organizer, author, amateur archaeologist and lecturer. He will discuss how Native American Tribes in the United States play a major role in the movement and what’s being done in Wisconsin on RON.


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