Models of Sustainable Living

When Francha Barnard planned her Baileys Harbor home, she was determined to build a space that perfectly suited the way she lives. To help her achieve her goal, she and her architect relied heavily on the principles espoused in architect Sarah Susanka’s bestselling book The Not So Big House.

Barnard’s home is one of the properties featured on The Ridges Green Living Tour, July 17 & 18. The self-guided tour highlights five Door County examples of sustainable living. Owners will be on hand at each property to address a range of topics, including recycling and composting, energy conservation, renewable energy, wise water use, organic gardening and compact living.

The tour begins at The Ridges new nature center located at 8166 Hwy. 57 in Baileys Harbor and runs from 10 am – 4 pm both days. Tickets are available in advance online at or by calling 920.839.2802. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the Center on the tour dates.