More Acres Protected at Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs will receive 30 acres of added protection thanks to an acquisition announced by the Door County Land Trust. 

The organization has added the land to the Gibraltar-Ephraim Swamp Natural Area, which contains a portion of Hidden Springs Creek and protects the quality of the water flowing into Eagle Harbor and Green Bay. It will also protect the stream corridor and important fish-spawning habitat.   

The coastal wetlands natural area now includes 307 acres of protected land that provides a refuge for birds and wildlife, benefits the Village of Ephraim by filtering and absorbing waters that might otherwise create flooding events, and helps to prevent sedimentation in Eagle Harbor. 

A competitive grant award from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Joint Venture provided part of the funding for this property. Additional funding came from the Wisconsin DNR Knowles Nelson Stewardship Grant Program, the Bock Foundation and Door County Land Trust members.

In 2020, the land trust seeks to raise at least $136,000 toward wetland protection and restoration efforts in Gibraltar-Ephraim Swamp, Washington Island’s Big and Little Marsh and Coffey Swamp, and fishery habitat near Little Sturgeon and Sawyer Harbor in southern Door County.