More Discourse Needed on Added Assistance for Veterans

I appreciate the meaningful discounts that some retailers give to veterans on Veterans Day. I appreciate the assistance that Rep. Mike Gallagher provided to me to resolve an issue with the Veterans Administration. I appreciate the wonderful assistance provided by the Door County Veterans Services Office. I appreciate those citizens who show respect for the American flag.

The death gratuity paid to the surviving spouse of a veteran killed while in the line of duty is $100,000. It was reported by the Wall Street Journal in October that the current administration’s Justice Department is in talks considering around $450,000 per person in compensation for immigrant families that were separated at the border during the former administration. If it’s a single parent and child, the reported payment would be $900,000. The family of a soldier killed in action receives only $100,000.

I would like to see more discourse concerning assistance to our veterans in the areas of medical treatment, homelessness, job training, compensation and assistance to veterans’ families, and assistance to disabled veterans.

Daniel Meyvis

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin