More from the Dominican Republic

I am back in the Dominican Republic, and as you may recall, Dona Chuchas is a boarding school where 90 underprivileged girls live during the week in the city of Santo Domingo. The school provides a safe haven, but their supplies are so limited that those of us who have had the luxury of attending a public school in Door County would have a hard time believing it is even a school, given such limited resources. Thanks to Door County residents, we have made a significant addition to their supplies.

Door County’s Erin Leline is helping students in the Dominican Republic.

Northern Door Girl Scouts donated bags full of hair ribbons and barrettes. So, my friend Arianna and I organized a “Spa Day” where we washed and decorated hair with accessories all day long. The girls were in heaven and oh so pleased with their new look!

When I spent a day at the small electronics recycling program in Sister Bay last October, a few kind hearted folks donated their old lap top computers. Some people made individual monetary contributions, which I put towards buying cords and batteries for the computers. An awesome computer guru friend of mine wiped the hard drives clean and then installed Windows XP, so now, the staff at the school is well equipped! What a gift to them all.

All this on top of last year’s donation of school supplies from families at Gibraltar…Door County is a far off land but a place that these girls will never forget.

Even more than the items, the greatest gift to the girls is that they realize that they matter and people care about them – care enough to find the means and resources to do whatever they are able to make their lives a little better.

I am so proud to have grown up in such a generous community and I thank everyone who has helped these girls out. These photos from our “Spa Day” say it all.