Movies That Matter: ‘(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies’

Movies That Matter is partnering with the Door County Civility Project for a screening of (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies, Nov. 20, 4:30 pm.

The documentary film, directed by Yael Melamede, looks at the deep-down reasons why humans lie. Building upon the work of social scientist Dan Ariely, the film combines the use of personal stories, expert opinions, and behavioral experiments to uncover the reasons why people are dishonest. Participants shown in the film share their own stories about lies that they’ve told in the past.

A group discussion led by the Door County Civility Project follows the film.

Movies that Matter Series examines a wide range of issues. They showings are free, but donations to help defray the costs of public performance licensing. The UUFDC (Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County) is located at 10341 Hwy 42 in north Ephraim. For more information, call 920.854.7559.


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