Mr. Scholz Made a Lasting Impact

I would like to thank the Peninsula Pulse for taking time to recognize Mr. Scholz in the Oct. 15 issue. I had the great privilege of working for Mr. and Mrs. Scholz for a couple of summers while I was still in high school. 

Working at The Farm was one of the best summer jobs I ever had. I remember riding my bicycle 10 miles to get to work and feeling so excited to get there. The excitement of going to work had to do with the great leadership he provided for all of his workers. 

I remember being a little frustrated one afternoon after seeing all the bags of corn that customers just left on the ground. We had to be very careful because if you’ve ever been there, you know the goats will eat even the bags! Twenty years later, I still remember what Mr. Scholz said: “You never pick up after someone; you pick up before the next customer sees them.” 

I have now had more than 20 years in the hospitality industry, and this saying still sticks with me every time I come across a room that takes extra time for housekeeping to clean. It’s a great saying for all of us in whatever industry you are in. 

Thanks, Mr. Scholz, for leaving a lasting impact, not only on me, but on the hundreds of students that you taught life lessons to. We are facing a time of much negative publicity, but reading the article reminded me of how you taught us to be strong leaders and fight for what’s right. For that I am forever grateful.

Bryan Birnschein

Sister Bay, Wisconsin