Mueller Appointed to Joint Egg Harbor Fire Commission

Egg Harbor resident Cambria Mueller has been appointed to fill the seat on the Joint Egg Harbor Fire Commission that was recently vacated by Commissioner Bill Miller. The commission oversees the operations of the fire department that serves both the Town and Village of Egg Harbor.

Village President John Heller asked Mueller to consider the appointment, and after taking a few days to think about it, she accepted. The Village Board of Trustees then unanimously appointed Mueller during its February meeting. Both the Village and the Town each appoint three of the commission’s six members.

Mueller has been an outspoken advocate for transparency and answers within the Joint Egg Harbor Fire Department, which has recently experienced losses of experienced firefighting personnel following the appointment of the current fire chief, Andy Staats. 

“I accepted this volunteer position because I feel that the safety for not only my family, but those of my neighbors, is at risk, and no one is asking the hard questions to resolve that,” she said. “With my appointment to the fire commission, I will ask those hard questions and will need answers with documented proof. Numbers talk, and I hope that if I cannot be shown that we have adequate coverage in the village, that I can be part of those discussions to find a solution.”

She said trust in the fire department and fire commission has eroded during the past six months due to the upheaval. 

“The fire commission and fire department need to move forward from the questionable decisions of the past and ensure that it does not continue or ever happen again,” she said. 

Mueller is also running for a seat on the Gibraltar School Board and was one of the six candidates who received enough votes in the Feb. 16 primary to proceed to the April 6 election. She also serves on the Village of Egg Harbor Plan Commission.