Multilingual Reading Celebrates International Mother Language Day

Write On, Door County seeks non-English speakers to read poetry at a special event recognizing International Mother Language Day, Feb. 20. The reading will take place at 6:30 pm at the Miller Art Museum, 107 S. 4th Ave., Sturgeon Bay. The event is free and families are encouraged to attend.

Speakers of languages other than English are sought to take part. Native speakers are preferred, but English speakers who are fluent in other languages are also welcome to take part. Participants are asked to read a poem by a favorite writer of their native language, a poem from childhood, or a poem of their own creation. All ages are welcome to take part. Readers do not have to read an English translation nor provide one for the audience.

This is the fourth annual multilingual reading the nonprofit organization has held since it was established in 2014. “We’ve had a great variety of languages shared at these readings,” said Write On Executive Director Jerod Santek. “We’ve had a poet who moved from India to Ellison Bay who has read original work. There have been high school students, both exchange students and others here long-term, who have shared poems in their native language, including a young woman who read in her native Pashto. Last year, we were happy to have a woman come who read a poem in Walloon.” The reading is a unique opportunity to discover and celebrate the diversity of our community, he added.

The Write On staff is happy to discuss reading options with interested readers. If interested, contact Santek at [email protected] or 920.868.1457.

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