Municipal Meetings: Jan. 26 – Feb. 2


County of Door:  The Ad Hoc Sister City Committee meets at 8:15 am Jan. 29. The Highway Committee meets at 9 am Feb. 1. The Resource Planning Committee meets at 2 pm Feb. 1.

Town of Liberty Grove:  The Public Service Commission’s Wisconsin Broadband Office has approved the town’s request and certifies the Town of Liberty Grove as a Broadband Forward! Community. Becoming certified as a Broadband Forward! Community sends a signal that the Town of Liberty Grove has taken steps to reduce obstacles to broadband infrastructure investment by streamlining administrative procedures for broadband projects.

Village of Sister Bay:  The Parks Committee meets at 2:30 pm Feb. 1.


County of Kewaunee:  The Extension & Zoning Committee meets at 3 pm Feb. 1.


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