Town of Baileys Harbor:  The Plan Commission meets at 6 pm on Dec. 1. A public hearing on the proposed 2015 budget will be held at 6 pm on Dec. 2. A budget summary can be found on the town’s website (, and the full budget is available for review at the town clerk’s office during regular office hours.

Town of Jacksonport:  A public meeting regarding the recent well contaminations due to manure spreading will be held at 6 pm at the Jacksonport Town Hall.

Town of Liberty Grove:  The town board meets at 7 pm on Dec. 3.

Town of Sevastopol:  The Sevastopol Historical Society meets at the town hall at 6 pm Dec. 1.

Village of Egg Harbor:  The Public Art Committee meets at 8 am on Dec. 1. The Parks & Public Works Committee meets at 8:30 am on Dec. 3.

Village of Ephraim:  The Physical Facility Committee meets at 1 pm. The Historic Preservation Committee meets at 6 pm on Dec. 2. The Ephraim Planning Committee meets at 7 pm on Dec. 2 to consider a request for a special exception of a new commercial building to exceed the 28-foot maximum building height.

Village of Forestville:  The village board meets at 6 pm on Dec. 1.

Village of Sister Bay:  The Marina Committee meets at 2 pm on Dec. 2. The Parks Committee meets at 2:15 pm on Nov. 3. The Personnel Committee meets at 3:30 pm on Dec. 3.