Municipal News

Compiled by Pulse staff

City of Sturgeon Bay:  The winter parking ban went into effect on Dec. 1. On-street parking is prohibited from 2 to 6 am through April 1, 2015. Special parking permit information and applications can be obtained from the city’s Municipal Services at 835 N. 14th Ave.  Forms are also available online at The cost for a seasonal pass is $55 or $28 per month. If you have questions, contact the Public Works Department at 746.2914.

Town of Brussels:  The town board meets at 7 pm on Dec. 10 at the Brussels Community Center.

Town of Egg Harbor:  The Plan Commission meets at 6 pm on Dec. 8.

Town of Jacksonport:  The Parks Committee meets at 7 pm on Dec. 8.

Village of Egg Harbor:  The Village Board meets at 6 pm on Dec. 8. A public hearing will be held on the 2015 budget and sanitary sewer special assessments for the construction of sewer from the intersection of Harbor School Road and Church Street, north on Church Street 427 lineal feet and from the intersection of West Shore Drive and Shady Lane approximately 897 lineal feet east on Shady Lane.

Village of Ephraim:  The Ephraim-Gibraltar Airport Commission is in the process of selecting a new commission member following the Nov. 14 death of Arvid Munson. Munson represented the village of Ephraim on the commission and it is up to Ephraim to select a new member. Commission Chairman Jon Neville believes the village will choose to select another representative from Ephraim to fill the open position, but they may also consider candidates from the Town of Gibraltar. Munson joined the commission in 1999 and was instrumental in the development of the airport during the past 15 years. “He was the one person that lived right across from the airport, right across the driveway. If anybody on Maple Grove Road had any complaints, they went to him,” said commission member Myrvin Somerhalder. Munson played a large part in the construction of airplane hangars on the property and, “was a key contributor to the airport over the years and for that we’re very grateful,” said Neville.

The Board of Trustees meets at 6 pm on Dec. 9.

Village of Sister Bay:  The Library Commission meets at 1 pm on Dec. 9. The Marketing Committee meets at 8:30 am on Dec. 11.