Municipal News

CITY OF STURGEON BAY: Mayor Thad Birmingham recently made the following appointments: Chris Larson and Randy Morrow, three-year terms on the Board of Parks & Recreation; Laurel Brooks, Mark Schuster and Chad Shefchik, three-year terms on the Bicycle & Pedestrian Board; Thomas Wulf, a five-year term on the Waterfront Redevelopment Authority; Ron Vandertie, a one-year term on the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center board; Robert Starr and Dennis Statz, a one-year term on the Door County Tourism Zone Commission.

TOWN OF BRUSSELS: At the Feb. 10 meeting of the Door County Emergency Services Committee, Chair Dale Wiegand gave the committee an update on the Brussels-Union-Gardner Fire Department’s efforts to build a new fire station. Wiegand said a meeting was held with Keller Builders. Wiegand suggested county input is needed in long-range planning for the planned fire station. As far as location, Wiegand said, “I think everybody agreed on the County C area.” He added that everything looks on track for a fall referendum on the new fire station.

TOWN OF WASHINGTON: Washington Island Police Chief Tyler McGrane informed the village that he has applied to become a Recreation Vehicle Registration Agent of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which would allow the department to issue recreational vehicle registration for owners of boats less than 16 feet, snowmobiles, ATVs and UTVs. The department already has the ability to use vehicle license registration, vehicle renewals and temporary plates for citizens of Washington Island and visitors. “There is no cost for this program and the town will actually benefit from the registration process,” McGrane wrote in a letter to the town board.

VILLAGE OF EGG HARBOR: Egg Harbor has a new Urban Livestock and Animal Husbandry ordinance that allows rabbits (3), ducks (6), female chickens (6), goats (3) and bees (three hives with not more than one swarm per hive), but does not allow pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, llamas and other herd or fowl animals. A few other standards set by the village board of trustees: Goats must be dehorned miniature, dwarf or pygmy. Bee hives must be set back a minimum of 25-feet from any property line, and should a hive become populated with Africanized honeybees, it must be destroyed. Roosters are not welcome in the village. The new ordinance was passed at the Feb. 10 meeting of the village board.

VILLAGE OF EPHRAIM: There was discussion about hiring a structural engineer to study floor sag in the main room of the village hall at the Feb. 11 meeting of the Village Board of Trustees. Village Clerk/Administrator Charity Buhr met with Craig Sachs of McMahon Engineers, and he showed concern regarding the sagging of the floor. There are horizontally cracked beams and cracked floor boards in the basement. He suggested having a structural engineer check into the floor sag to figure out an adequate repair and verify load limits for the room. Buhr will come back with a proposal for next meeting, at 7 pm on March 11.