City of Sturgeon Bay:  This is a reminder to all residents of the City of Sturgeon Bay that as per city ordinance 8.04:

(1) All sidewalks shall be kept clean of snow and ice at the expense of the lots and parts of lots abutting thereon. If the owner or occupant of such lot or part of lot shall suffer snow or ice to remain upon any sidewalk abutting thereon for 24 hours after snow ceases to fall, the foreman of the street department shall proceed forthwith, without any order or notice to such owner or occupant, to cause the snow and ice to be removed. The expense thereof shall be assessed against the abutting property.

(2) No person shall deposit, or cause to be deposited, directly or indirectly, snow or ice from private property upon the city right-of-way, streets, alleys, parking lots, docks or other property.

Village of Egg Harbor:  Property owners abutting any public sidewalks are responsible for keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice. The entire width of the sidewalk must be cleared of snow and ice. This will allow pedestrians in wheelchairs, people with children in strollers and individuals with assistive devices mobility and access. Move the snow to your yard and do not push snow from the sidewalks into the street. Do not cover the crosswalks with snow. The sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice no later than noon on the day after the snow or ice has accumulated on the sidewalks, regardless of the source of accumulation. When ice has formed upon any sidewalk that cannot be removed, then the owner shall keep the same effectively sprinkled with sand, salt or other suitable substance in such manner as to prevent the ice from being dangerous, until such time as it can be removed, then it shall be promptly removed. The Village of Egg Harbor will have snow and ice accumulations removed from sidewalks that have not been cleared as described above. The property owner will be billed a minimum fee of $100 per occurrence.

Village of Sister Bay:  The Plan Commission meets at 5:30 pm on Dec. 23.