Municipal News: Oct. 29 – Nov. 6

City of Sturgeon Bay: The Common Council meets at noon on Nov. 3.

The city has begun its fall loose leaf collection and will continue through the week of Nov. 16-20, weather permitting. During the final week of collection, have your leaves raked to the curb by 7 am Nov. 16. Once the crews have collected your materials during this final week, please do not place any more out as they will not return. Much of the collection process is weather dependent – if the leaves are wet or freeze, they take longer to vacuum. Bagged leaves will not be collected. Brush and garden waste will not be collected by city crews as these materials can damage the equipment used for leaf collection. Brush and garden waste may be dropped off at the compost site on Division Road at any time.

Please do not rake leaves into the streets. This increases the pollution to the storm water and can cause flooding of streets by clogging storm sewers. It is also a dangerous attraction to children. 

County of Door: A joint meeting of the Finance and Property Committees will be held at 1 pm on Nov. 4, followed by a meeting of the Property Committee. The Highway Safety Commission meets at 9 am on Nov. 5. The Resource Planning Committee meets at 2 pm on Nov. 5. The Board of Supervisors will begin the county’s 2016 budget process beginning at 9 am on Nov. 10. Chair Dan Austad said they hope to wrap it up in one day, but will meet again at 9 am on Nov. 12, if necessary. 

Town of Gibraltar: The town board meets at 7 pm on Nov. 2.

Town of Liberty Grove: The Highway Committee meets at 8 am on Nov. 2. The Parks & Property Committee meets at 8 am.

Town of Sevastopol: Earlier this month, water at the town hall was off limits due to E. coli and coliform contamination. After a super chlorination of the well, the water tested free of contamination. “The DNR allowed us to removed the ‘boil water’ signage and resume use of our water,” said town clerk Linda Wait. “We are subject to five more samplings in November, which I plan to take three the first week of November and then another two the following week. If they are all good, we are OK and will then just resume our quarterly sampling. The DNR will continue to monitor our samplings. If such a time comes that they are repeatedly unacceptable, DNR would issue the orders on whether we drill a new well, go deeper on the existing well or have to install a water treatment system, such as ultraviolet or reverse osmosis. Totally a DNR call. Our budget process does include allocation for capital asset replacement, so we are ‘banking’ funds should the need arise.”

Village of Egg Harbor: The Parks and Public Works Committee meets at 8:30 am on Nov. 4.

Village of Sister Bay: The Marina Committee meets at 4 pm on Nov. 3. The Parks Committee meets at 2 pm on Nov. 4.

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