My Weekend Recap

It’s always a good weekend when a friend drives all the way from Michigan to hang out with you and explore Door County. So, according to that little equation, last weekend was definitely a good one. Check out the recap of my weekend with Mike.

1. On Friday night, we went to Pasta Vino in Ellison Bay to celebrate a friend’s birthday, then returned home to relax, watch Wayne’s World and laugh at Rob Lowe’s poorly cut ‘90s suits.


2. On Saturday, after a breakfast of fresh smoothies from the garden, Mike and I headed up north to explore Liberty Grove. I first dragged him to The Clearing to explore the campus and accompany me on an interview with Beth Coleman on the new labyrinth (see story on the Green Page). It was a beautiful, contemplative start to our day.

3. Next we headed farther north, and stopped in Charlie’s Smokehouse in Gills Rock and Uncle Tom’s candy store. On our way south we went to checked out Ellison Bluff Park.


4. We had arguably the best lunch ever at The Door County Creamery in Sister Bay. It was so good we couldn’t hold a conversation about anything other than the delicious food.

5. A tour of Door County with me mostly consists of hiking and eating, so…off to The Ridges Beach for another walk!


6. We went home and gathered some friends to go to the Bayside and see Little Marsh Overflow (and The Jeffertons, which is Mike’s new favorite band). Mike had his first shot of bitters, and the experience will live forever in the form of a stain on his shirt.

7. On Sunday we ventured south for breakfast at the Town Hall bakery and a hike at Cave Point County Park and Whitefish Dunes State Park.

8. Sunday afternoon was spent reading on the porch and getting a little relaxation in before Mike drove to the next destination on his loop of Lake Michigan.