Naperville Man “Just Spent” After Day on the Lake

Mark Masters says sometimes, “the sun just gets to you.”

“I am just spent,” Masters said as he settled into his Husby’s bar stool, the top of his Tommy Bahama shirt open, exposing a graying mane of chest hair blanketing a pink chest.

“That sun,” he repeated, “it just takes it out of you.”

He shook his head and removed his Titleist visor as he wiped his sweaty brow. The bartender, Swayla McSheeve, set a glass of water in front of him and shook her head in mock agreement.

“Yeah, it can do that,” she said. “Were you out on the boat again?”

“Yup, all day,” he said. “Started in Sister Bay, swung up to JJ’s, then made our way to Pebble. Had lunch at Fred and Fuzzy’s, and that was just exhausting getting the kids out of the boat and back in. Then we hit Nicolet for a while, tied up. Just a long day, not a cloud in the sky so that sun was just beating down on us. No relief.”

McSheeve, who had just arrived for her closing shift after working the lunch shift earlier, searched for the nastiest used lime in the sink to garnish Masters’ Mount Gay and tonic.