Nasewaupee Seeks to Make County C Intersection Safer

An effort is underway in the Town of Nasewaupee to urge the County of Door to make safety improvements at the intersection of County C and Idlewild Road (County M).

The intersection was discussed at the town’s board’s January meeting when Nasewaupee resident Tony Kalupa spoke about nearly having an accident Dec. 16 around 6 pm after he stopped there, with his wife as a passenger, while traveling north on Idlewild Road.

“We know how dangerous this intersection is because of past fatalities that have happened at it, and consequently, we are always cautious going through this intersection,” he said.

After not seeing any oncoming traffic on County C and then slowly pulling into the intersection, Kalupa said a car approaching from the west on County C drove through the intersection at “a very high rate of speed, and just missed slamming into our car by less than two feet. My wife and I both strongly believe that had this car hit us, it would have been another fatal accident at this intersection,” he said.

Kalupa said this incident made him realize that a house right at the intersection that limits visibility is only part of what causes the intersection to be dangerous – there’s also a hill about 700 feet west of the intersection that hides oncoming traffic.

“[County] C is a very heavily traveled road, and it’s not uncommon [for motorists] to go at a high speed,” he said.

Kalupa suggested measures for making the intersection safer, such as reducing the speed limit from 55 to 45 mph, adding a flashing yellow light, cutting speed groves on County C west of the hill near Idlewild Road to encourage motorists to slow down, or removing the hill.

“My personal opinion is [that] doing nothing is the worst option,” he said.

Others in attendance at the meeting suggested having four-way stop signs at the intersection.

Town chair Steven Sullivan said he had forwarded the concerns about the intersection that were expressed at the meeting to the county highway department, and highway commissioner Thad Ash said he is in the process of scheduling a meeting with Kalupa and Town of Nasewaupee officials related to the intersection.

Ash said he has also requested accident data on the intersection from the Door County Sheriff’s Office, and the intersection will also be on the agenda at the next county Highway and Facility Committee meeting.

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