National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. Here are some facts from the National Safety Council.


The percent of auto crashes attributed to cell phone use. Cell phone-related crashes have increased for the third consecutive year.


The number of people who overdose on prescription painkillers every day. Americans mistakenly believe gun violence, severe weather and commercial airline travel are more significant threats to their safety than opioid painkillers.


Percent of those who take prescription opioid painkillers and don’t know that it is a felony to share the drugs with others. Most states consider that the equivalent of selling heroin.


Percent of parents who drive distracted in front of teens.


The annual average number of children who are seriously injured after falling out of a window.


The estimated number of deaths resulting each year from workplace-related illnesses.


The estimated number of hazardous chemical products in use in the U.S.

Source: National Safety Council