Natural Enemies of Garden Pests

The Door County Master Gardeners are pleased to present Associate Professor Mike Draney, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, who returns to Door County to discuss the truth in the old saying “the enemies of your enemies are your friends.” The lecture will take place at 7 pm on March 31 at Crossroads at Big Creek, Sturgeon Bay. The program is free and open to the public.

All gardeners struggle with the challenges of combating the hordes of garden pests that insist on eating away the flowers, shrubs and vegetables we work so hard to nurture. Modern gardeners are well aware that simply attacking these pests with gallons of pesticides is not the answer. It’s not healthy and a chemical attack on pests can cause more damage than it prevents. Today’s gardener wants to be smart and responsible.

Knowing that Mother Nature provides some help is important. In fact, right now in our gardens there are little critters that are actually helpful to the home gardener. These are the natural enemies of garden pests, and they are a gardener’s friends. Gardeners don’t want to “knock off” their friends while dealing with their foes. The truth is, we want to help them get the job done and leave a healthier and more productive garden behind. That’s where Professor Draney’s visit to Door County can help. His presentation will provide the information you need to be a smart and responsible home gardener.