Natural Resources Board addresses hunting and trapping in Door County state parks

After receiving 2,033 comments on proposed Sporting Heritage Act, and only 84 supportive ones, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) revised the rules governing hunting and trapping in state parks. The department updated hunting zones and seasons for a number of parks – including some in Door County.

The Wisconsin Natural Resources board approved this draft of hunting and trapping area in Peninsula State Park. Hunting in the park will be limited to archery only.

The Natural Resources Board modified the DNR’s plan even further at its December meeting. Notable changes to the DNR’s original hunting and trapping plan are listed below:

Notable changes:

• Firearm hunting and trapping seasons are from Nov. 15 through Dec. 15, and from April 1 through the end of turkey season, April 30

• Bow hunting season is from Nov. 15 through the first week of January

• Traps must be safe for dogs and humans

• Shooting is not allowed across trails

• No trapping can occur within 100 yards of any state park designated trail

In Peninsula State Park:

• Hunting limited to archery only

• More area near Gibraltar School is closed to hunting and trapping

In Potawatomi State Park:

• Another section in the southern end of the park is closed to hunting and trapping

In Newport State Park:

• More area near hiking trails and campsites is closed to hunting and trapping

Allowing increased hunting and trapping in state parks was part of the Sporting Heritage Act, also known as Act 168, signed into law in April, 2012.

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