Nelson Personally Invited to MFR Conference

(Left to right) John F. Barnes invited Josh Nelson to the sold-out Quantum Leap Seminar.

Joshua Nelson recently returned from the sold-out Quantum Leap Seminar in Sedona, Arizona. He was personally invited by John F. Barnes (JFB) to attend the seminar, where more than 200 advanced and expert level myofascial release therapists reviewed new studies by the Fascial Research Congress, at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Mass. Their studies show that if the Myofascial Complex solidifies, due to trauma or stress, cells are unable to communicate with each other, which results in disease.

Nelson, owner of MFR Therapy of Door County, uses JFB Myofascial Release Therapy, the only therapy that will de-solidify the Myofascial Complex, to treat his patients. This allows the body to heal itself from pain and disease. Nelson said, “I find myself in the middle of a great shift in natural healthcare, it’s a great place to be.”

Nelson is available by appointment at 920.585.3122 or [email protected]. For more information visit or