New Bird Care Center at Open Door Bird Sanctuary

DSC_0860After planning, fundraising, a May 2015 groundbreaking, and hundreds of volunteer and contractor hours, the new Bird Care Center at Open Door Bird Sanctuary (ODBS) welcomed its first resident. In addition to being the “home base” where the Raptor Team volunteers will conduct the care and husbandry for the 10 raptor residents of ODBS, the new building is set up to provide winter housing for Aisling the Eurasian Eagle Owl, Amber the Turkey Vulture, Koko the Saw Whet Owl, and Bob the Screech Owl. There is also space for four additional birds should the need for indoor housing arise. Making good use of every available inch of the new building, it has a bathroom for staff and volunteers, storage garage for travel carriers and education materials, two freezers for raptor food, plenty of counter space for food prep and husbandry, and even a short flyway for exercising and training the birds. You can follow ODBS on their website ( or Facebook where they will soon announce their days open to the public this summer.

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