New Book by Bruce H. Joffe: ‘Expat: Leaving the USA for Good’

In an unprecedented time of turmoil and political chaos creating personal conflicts and public confusion, increasing numbers of Americans are considering moving out of their country. That’s the subject of EXPAT: Leaving the USA for Good, the latest book by former Sturgeon Bay pastor and retailer Bruce H. Joffe, who now lives in Portugal and Spain.

“It’s one thing to travel the world with a USA passport,” said Joffe. “It’s quite another to apply for the residency visa and actually inhabit – not just visit – a ‘foreign’ country. The shoe’s on the other foot when we are the immigrants.”

Filled with personal anecdotes and experiences, EXPAT details those differences, from the psychological and political motivations that prompt people to seek refuge in other nations to the details and logistics of what’s actually required to reside in another country.