New Book by Ellison Bay Poet

Ellison Bay resident Lee LeVoy has spent years nurturing family, fostering faith, and discovering beauty that is all around her. Still Voice, her first collection of poems, celebrates those interactions and offers poignant insight about people and place. Still Voice was recently published by Sand Beach Press, and a reception is planned to celebrate the book’s publication. The event is free and open to the public.

On June 28 at 2 pm, LeVoy will read poems from her new collection, and the public is invited to attend. A reception will be held at the Gathering Room at The Meadows, Scandia Village, 10554 Applewood Road, Sister Bay.

The poetry of Still Voice is accessible, and the tone is quiet and clear. Many of LeVoy’s poems are written in response to interactions with her own family members, but resonate with poignancy about all family interactions. In the poem “Affection” she captures the tender moment when her adult son and his father “walk on the Florida beach/in searing summer heat:”

Now he reaches

for his father’s hand

gently guiding him

over shells and stones

turning his head to listen

as his father speaks

Door County readers will recognize local spots as the poet describes “Autumn Sunrise at Europe Lake” and refers in another poem to walking the labyrinth at The Clearing. Local readers will also understand LeVoy’s rapt attention when watching:

a solitary sandhill crane

in the north meadow

moving slowly in silence

gently lifting one leg

then the other

a walking meditation


I watch in stillness

to learn

LeVoy, a full-time Ellison Bay resident since 1999, has worked in parish ministry in Chicago and Green Bay. She is currently the Director of Sanctuary, a retreat on their property. Her husband, Hugh, is co-founder of the Boys and Girls Club of Door County.

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