New Glass Artist Joins Cappaert Contemporary Gallery

Tammy Rae Wolter creates art glass that melds science with the magical experience of creative discovery and joins Cappaert Contemporary Gallery for the 2018 season. Wolter is a Wisconsin artist that has appeared on PBS Television and is also featured in several books on bead making. Each of her pieces are handmade lampwork glass treasures and created with Borosilicate glass for its spectacular colors and enduring strength.  

Wolter’s glass style remains simple, yet vibrant and her customized designs are luminescent with color, blending is the focus of her work.  She accents the pieces with metal, wood or leather and delights in the satisfaction of combining ancient techniques with her ever-evolving skills.  

Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, located at 7901 Hwy 42 in Egg Harbor, is open 10 am to 5 pm daily through October. For more information visit

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