New Health Care Website Launched

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold is encouraging all Wisconsinites and small business owners to visit a new health insurance website launched as a part of the landmark health care reform law. is a one-stop website to help viewers identify all public and private health insurance options available to them in the state. As one of the many immediate benefits of the historic health reform law, features a first-ever search function by zip code to reveal all health coverage options for consumers and provides extensive educational information about health insurance coverage and consumer rights.

“The launch of will now make it easier than ever for Wisconsinites and Wisconsin small business owners to get the information they need about health insurance options,” Feingold said. “This unprecedented website puts the power of information at the fingertips of consumers and helps Wisconsinites make the health care choices that are right for them. It is one of many positive changes for consumers that are a result of the health reform law.”

The website is expected to be particularly helpful for small businesses owners in finding the health insurance coverage options that are best for their business and employees. The website will also have detailed information on the available small business health care tax credits and ways businesses can receive financial assistance for early retiree health coverage.

Starting in October 2010, detailed pricing information will be added to the website outlining the costs for each insurance plan.