New Master Cheesemaker in the County

Cheesemaker Chris Renard of Renard’s Cheese recently earned his Master Cheesemaker Certification in both cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

The Master Cheesemaker Program is a rigorous course of study that requires a minimum of 10 years of licensed cheese making experience before one can even be considered for admittance. Once accepted, the program includes course work taught by some of the most accomplished educators in the cheese community, an apprenticeship, and a final written examination. The Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker License is a prestigious title that less than 60 cheese makers in the country can lay claim to the designation.

Renard’s Cheese is a family owned and operated business that is now on its third generation. Chris and Ann Renard have maintained the multi-generation family business and enabled it to grow in an increasingly complex economy.

“Though many things have changed through the years for Renard’s Cheese, our commitment to maintaining the quality, gourmet and handcrafted cheese has never wavered,” says Chris. “It is very satisfying to know all the hard work creates a finished product that I am proud of.”