New Online Resource for Wisconsin Poets

The new poetry magazine, Verse Wisconsin, has gone online as of September 1, 2009. Featuring information for poets across the state and beyond, the Web site ushers in the next phase of Verse Wisconsin’s project, and offers a place for poets across the state to post their local events and learn of others.



Co-editors Wendy Vardaman and Sarah Busse welcome everyone on board. “We know our links page isn’t nearly complete. Far from it! But we also wanted poets to share information with each other, rather than for us to pose as the experts,” explains Busse.



The magazine will publish poetry and prose about poetry and is currently accepting submissions. “We’re hoping to reach a broad cross-section of poets in the state, and beyond,” says Busse. “Our predecessor, Linda Aschbrenner, published a variety of styles and voices in Free Verse. In moving the magazine to Madison, and updating it, we’re hoping to continue her tradition and expand upon it.”



The editors are accepting poetry submissions from poets now, with the intention of publishing a first issue, online and in print, in January 2010. The online and print versions will offer different, but complementary, material.



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