New Pen Players Hearing Loops

Peninsula Players Theatre has installed a hearing induction loop listening-assistance system and receivers in its audience pavilion, making theater performances more accessible for people with hearing loss. This is additional technology that Peninsula Players now has available on its pavilion’s main floor.

The hearing loop benefits those with hearing loss by interacting with the individuals’ telecoil (T-coil) device to provide a heightened sense of hearing and eliminate the need for headphones for those who use the T-coil. Advantages of the new system include limited maintenance, the ability to service an unlimited number of users and no interference with hearing aids that lack the T-coil. The new system also includes portable audio loop receivers and headsets to assist patrons whose hearing aids or implants do not have the T-coil technology.

“We are pleased to provide this technology to the Door County arts community,” said Managing Director Brian Kelsey. “The installation of the hearing induction loop affords individuals with impaired hearing the opportunity to actively engage with our theatrical productions.”

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