New Proposal for Quarry Property

A preliminary conceptual plan for a subdivision of 43 lots on the quarry property near George Pinney County Park meets county standards and does not require a public hearing.

The Margaret Dreutzer Trust filed the plan May 6. Because the proposal is a land division, it does not require a public hearing. This land division will go before the Resource Planning Commission (RPC) June 3 for review, but Mariah Goode, director of the county’s Land Use Services Department, said it is a fairly simple review because the application does not establish a use.

“When you divide into more than five lots, it goes to RPC, but if it meets all the ordinance standards, then it will be approved,” Goode said. “Staff has determined that it meets those standards.”

The previous proposal for an RV condominium development on the site was the subject of several lengthy public hearings and meetings at the Town of Sevastopol and Door County Resource Planning Commission. 

The property has been zoned for recreational commercial use for 40 years. According to the Door County zoning ordinance, recreational commercial zoning is intended for resort areas, particularly areas where high concentrations of recreational uses are located or appropriate, such as golf courses, ski resorts, multiple-occupancy developments, marinas and restaurants. Lot sizes of at least 20,000 square feet are required for new lots.