New Sculptures Featured at Artzy Studio

Wisconsin artist Tom Ellis Nelson, a new artist to Ephraim’s Artzy Studio, is the son of world renowned metal sculptor Ellis Nelson. Nelson’s father inspired his own career as an artist starting in 1990. Nelson and his father worked together on metal sculptures for 21 years until his father passed away in 2015.

Nelson decided to carry on the family tradition. Each of his sculptures are one-of-a-kind built from scrap metal or with new steel. All bends and cuts are done with his own hands or with the assistance of a 100-year-old floor hand press and with a modern plasma cutter.

“I have utter freedom and total control of what, when and how I want to build,” said Nelson. “I would like to think that someone sometime in the far future will come across one of my creations, read the name welded into it and wonder just who I was.”

Artzy Studio is located at 10329 Hwy 42 in Ephraim. For more information find Artzy Studio on Facebook.

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