New Sergio Bustamante Sculptures on Display at Santa Fe Shop

Since the 1960s, Sergio Bustamante has been internationally recognized in the world of creative arts and crafts. His work, which is available at the Santa Fe Shop in Fish Creek, encompasses a variety of art forms, including paper mâché, ceramics, and bronze. Recent innovations include distinctive lines of fine jewelry and beautifully crafted furniture.

Bustamante’s creations reflect a unique and imaginative individuality, style, and creativity distinct from, though often copied by, other artists, making his works desirable to art aficionados worldwide.

While Bustamante’s works initially focused on painting and paper mâché, his talents inevitably led to the creation of sculptures in wood and bronze, many reflecting animal themes. As time progressed, his work has expanded to jewelry and furniture designs in wood and glass with bronze accents, currently available in distinctive patterns and motifs.

The Santa Fe Shop, open daily, is located at 4147 Main Street in Fish Creek. For more information call 920.868.4300 or visit