New Take On Bedtime Stories At Rogue Theater

Rogue Theater presents BEDTIME STORIES (As Told by Our Dad) (Who Messed Them Up), written by Ed Monk and directed by Lola DeVillers. 

BEDTIME STORIES take on new roles as Dad tries to tell his three rambunctious kids their bedtime stories. He gets fuzzy on the details and the classic tales get a bit creative. There’s a prince with a snoring problem who spices up the Princess and the Pea, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf is crying dinosaur, while Rumpelstiltskin turns gold into straw.

The show runs Sept. 15-17, Friday and Saturday, 7:30 pm; Sunday, 2 pm. Purchase tickets online at or call 920.818.0816. 

Shows are at the DC Arts Center, 917 N. 14th Avenue, Sturgeon Bay.