New “Tide” Collection from Andrea Naylor

Seeking her inspiration from the natural beauty of the coast and her recent journey into motherhood, Andrea Naylor’s new collection titled Tide is a mixture of acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Living full time on the shores of Door County, Naylor’s creative process originates from her love of being outdoors. Naylor said, “I am immensely inspired by the coast, the sea, the lake. I love the smell of the coastline, the sounds, the way the birds dance in the wind, the crashing waves. I love the way I feel when I’m on the edge of the shoreline – it’s nostalgic for me in so many ways.”

Hiking along the shoreline with her camera allows Naylor to explore the surrounding landscape in fresh and innovative ways. She carries a sketchbook with her when she travels and uses her sketches as she begins to work on a piece.

This past year, Naylor became a mother, and this shift in her life greatly influenced her artwork. Naylor said this collection represents “all the changes, the ebbing and flowing, the rising and falling, the beauty in imperfection motherhood represents to me – it’s intoxicating.”

The collection is named after her son, Hurley, whose name is Gaelic for “tide.” As this collection is extremely sentimental to Naylor, she wants her viewers to have an emotion-filled experience when viewing her work as well.

An opening reception for the exhibit is scheduled for May 10, 5-8 pm in downtown Sturgeon Bay at Door County Makers Space. The full collection is also available online beginning May 11 and on display for the entire summer at her gallery, The Pelican Gallery, in Sturgeon Bay. For more details on upcoming shows visit or find her on Instagram @ThePelicanGallery.


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