New Website for EHHS

The Egg Harbor Historical Society (EHHS) is bringing the stories of a small town to life through its new website,, and its Facebook page. Giz Herbst led the initial website effort, spending countless hours scanning, organizing, and uploading historic photos and documents. These are now being re-purposed into slideshows on the new site to help show the evolution and heritage of the town and village.

The website was redesigned by Myles Dannhausen Jr. in September. An Egg Harbor native now living in Chicago, Dannhausen has been thrilled by the response to stories and photos posted to the organization’s Facebook page.

“History used to have to sit on a shelf,” Dannhausen says. “With digital media, we can bring history to life every day, and give it context to make it tangible and make it matter to people today. And when we do it best, hopefully this can help us make better decisions about our communities today.”

For more than a century, people were doing amazing things that nobody ever talked about because they didn’t think they were out of the ordinary. They were just getting by. With the society’s new website and Facebook page, EHHS aims to celebrate these people and their perseverance, and unearth more such untold stories. To contribute photos or stories to the society, email [email protected] and visit