New Website for Northeast Wisconsin Arts Association

The Northeast Wisconsin Arts Association (NEWAA) is a creative network and grassroots social enterprise whose mission since 2017 has been to connect, celebrate and shine a spotlight on the creative communities of the 18 counties that make up the “New North.” NEWAA’s members are arts organizations and artists – visual artists, musicians, writers, performers, photographers, filmmakers, actors, designers and more.

NEWAA is now launching a new, enhanced website directory.

“Our new website design makes it easy for people to discover and support artists of all types,” said Jean Detjen, NEWAA’s founder and president. “We want people to use our website as a helpful search tool for creative talent. We can also provide referrals if people are looking for specific artist recommendations.”

She added, “It will be evolving and changing, always with something new and surprising. We’re all about creating an engaging, meaningful experience through art.”

Detjen is passionate about growing and strengthening the creative economy in Northeast Wisconsin, so she seeks sponsors, partners and patrons to help with that effort.

“The arts unite us by integrating diverse experiences and unique perspectives,” Detjen said. “Expression through art helps us rise above societal challenges.”

For more information, visit or contact Detjen at [email protected]