New From This Week’s Past: Oct. 6 – 13

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


Weekly Expositor Independent, October 1, 1880

S.C. Palmer, of Ahanpee, has a talent for killing pole-cats. He has slaughtered seven already this fall. Who said the Ahnapeeans served up pole-cat sausages?


The Independent, October 4, 1889

There is Death in the Well.

At the present time there are in this city twelve or fifteen cases of typhoid fever, some of which will probably terminate fatally, while several deaths have recently resulted from that disease. As our physicians generally agree in declaring that this sickness has its origin in the impure water obtained from our wells, it should be apparent to every person that unless we are willing to rest under a charge of criminal negligence we cannot longer postpone a movement to establish a system which will give to us a supply of good water. Perhaps many of our citizens do not know that Sturgeon Bay has already achieved among its neighbors the unenviable repute of being so unhealthy that it is dangerous for strangers to come here, yet such is the fact.


Door County Democrat, October 6, 1900

A tramp applied for and secured a night’s lodging at the county jail Friday night. As he had no means of obtaining a meal the following day the poor committee provided one for him and he immediately left for other parts.


Door County Democrat, October 7, 1910

Chicken thieves have been busy of late and losses of from five to forty are reported in this city. Should the culprits be caught we hope they will be given the full extent of the law.


Door County Democrat, October 5, 1917

Bonds For Each Town.

The amount of Liberty Bonds to be sold in Door county as its share of the big liberty bond sale is to be $364,650. This amount has been divided up among the different towns and city according to valuation, and is as follows:

Baileys Harbor – $9,250

Brussels – $39,000

Clay Banks – 13,350

Egg Harbor – $18,950

Forestville – $37,325

Gardner – $22,775

Gibraltar – $18,125

Jacksonport – $15,300

Liberty Grove – $19,000

Nasewaupee – $32,625

Sevastopol – $43,775

Sturgeon Bay Town – $12,275

Union – $15,850

Washington Island – $9,100

Sturgeon Bay City – $55,900

Sister Bay – $2,600


Door County News, October 7, 1926


H.R. Holand Chosen President

Door county is to have an Historical Society to perpetuate its numerous points of historical interest. Serving as temporary chairman, H.R. Holand told of the riches of Door county in historical data and the many places of interest along this line contained within its boundaries.

The following officers were elected:  H.R. Holand, president; H.E. Stedman, vice president; R.C. Koehn, treasurer; W.J. Gilson, secretary.

Annual dues were fixed at $1.00, with sustaining membership and life membership additional.


Door County News, October 6, 1938

Sister Bay Site of Factory To Manufacture Elec. Clock

A factory for the manufacture of atomic energy dry batteries, the invention of H.K. Sandell, nationally-known local inventor, is rapidly nearing completion just north of this village, and will soon be busy in the manufacture of this revolutionary energy development.

Over two years ago Mr. Sandell announced his new dry cell, and this year, with plans perfected, he is ready to go into production in his own factory.

This will be the first factory to be built north of Sturgeon Bay and is located about a mile north of Country Trunk Z on highway 42 north of the village.

As the inventor explained the cell, there is a seemingly limitless amount of energy in the tiny batteries. One of the chief products of the factory will be a clock powered by the cell, that will run independently for 20 years, and will be guaranteed not to lose more than three seconds per month.

Mr. Sandell has long been nationally known as an ingenious inventor, and has over 300 patents to his credit.

Plans now are for the employment of 50 people, including a skilled watchmaker.

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