News From This Week’s Past: Monuments & Good, Fat Turkeys

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


The Expositor Independent

November 30, 1877

It is about half-past eight o’clock in the evening now before the Green Bay mail arrives. The bad condition of the road causes the two and a half-hours delay each day.


The Republican

November 27, 1890

Thanksgiving yesterday. We hope everyone of our readers had a good, fat turkey for their dinner, and that each one of them had something to be thankful for. The farmers are certainly in a better condition to be thankful then they have been for some years past, and others are mostly the same.


Door County Democrat

November 30, 1901

Increase in Salaries.

The county board authorized an increase in the salaries of three of the county officers, viz:  Clerk, treasurer, and clerk of the circuit court.

Under the new order of things the county clerk will hereafter receive $1000 per annum, an increase of $200. The county treasurer will receive $800 per annum, an increase of $200, while the clerk of the circuit court will come in for $450 per annum instead of $250. The order goes into effect in January 1903, when the new term begins, and will not, therefore, benefit the present incumbents unless they succeed themselves.


Door County Democrat

November 27, 1909



H. Zechiel, superintendent of the Appleton district of the Anti-Saloon League, arrived in the city Wednesday morning and before five o’clock of the same afternoon Felix Fortemps, John Goettelman, Dan Hitt, A. H. Koch, Jos. Schlise, Ed. Acker and Chas. Pischa, of this city, proprietors of soft drink places, had been arraigned before Police Justice Henry Reynolds on a charge of selling intoxicating liquors

Felix Fortemps plead guilty to the charge, and was given the maximum fine, which was $100. The other six entered a plea of not guilty and their trials were set for Saturday of this week and one for each day next week until all have been tried. John Goettelman’s case will be the first to be called and it will be a jury trial as well for the others with the exception of Dan Hitt, who did not request a jury trial.

The arrests were made on evidence secured through Frank N. Hammond, a detective, who has been in the city during the past six weeks, and who has been making a “good” fellow of himself.

A warrant was also issued against Chas. Pischa for selling cigarettes, and one against Ed. Pfeil, of Sevastopol, for selling liquor on Sunday and to minors.


Door County News

November 28, 1918

Erects Monuments – Martin Pivonke recently completed and erected a monument for the late Martin Schmitz of Forestville, who is interred in the Maplewood Catholic cemetery. He also erected a new monument over the last resting place of Nic Bley in the Jacksonport cemetery.


Door County News

November 28, 1929


As the result of a wager on the outcome of the world’s series, the inside employees of the postoffice were forced to treat the outside force to a banquet, which was held at the Unique Restaurant on Thursday evening of last week. Following the dinner the party adjourned to the N. C. Garland residence where the evening was spent in a social way.


Door County News

November 25, 1936

Informs Public How to Contact Police

Chief of Police James T. Hall this week requests The News to inform the public where Police officers may be contacted in case of emergency. The reason for this is that the fire and police department are on the same line at the city hall, and recently several parties in calling for police have left the line thinking they had the wrong number when then a member of the fire department answered. When calling for police, call the city hall, telephone 71, or if more convenient, call the residence of Officer Hall, No. 61, or County Officer Paul Roble, No. 106-R. The number of the sheriff’s office is 73.

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