News From This Week’s Past: Wildcat Scalps, Potowatomi Park Named

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

The Expositor

March 26, 1875

A caucus in Jacksonport last Saturday night nominated P. G. Hibbard for Town Treasurer, Perry Wright for Town Clerk and V. Le Claire for Assessor. Not being able to find anybody who wanted the office, or any person a majority of the caucus wanted for the office, no chairman was nominated. P. G. Hibbard, Robert Logan and Mr. Smith are prominently talked of as candidates.

The Independent

March 30, 1888

On Tuesday of last week John Weber, of the town of Gardner, presented to county clerk McDonald the scalps of four wildcats and received in return twenty-four dollars in bounty money. Since the 23rd of December Mr. Weber has turned in twenty-three scalps, and the record shows that since January 20th, 1883, he has received bounty on seventy-seven of these animals, this being considerably more than any other hunter in Door county has captured within the same time. Mr. Weber “makes a specialty” of wildcats, which he pursues with so much energy and skill that they never get away from him once he strikes their trail. He has a dog which has been trained for this purpose, and between them they are a terror to the vermin that infest the swamps of Gardner. His success has stimulated others to enter on the war-path, but no one has yet been able to gather in the pestiferous wildcat with such neatness and dispatch as John Weber.

The Democrat

March 29, 1894

The third ward turned out in full strength at the republican convention Saturday afternoon. The Hon. E. S. Minor had promised that a free bridge should be built across the bay from there, and as such a move would increase the value of property in that part of the city they very naturally turned out and voted for him. We would simply ask these people to ponder over the fact that Mr. Minor has also promised the people of the first ward that the bridge would stay where it is now, and has stated to the people of the fourth ward that that part of the city does not want a free bridge and secured their votes by stating that he did not think the city could afford to have a free bridge yet a while.

Door County Democrat

March 27, 1909

The various women’s clubs in this state are urging the women to take a more active part in the election of state, county and other educational officers. The fair sex clamored long for the privilege to vote for these officials and now that they have the right they are very indifferent and take little or no interest in the elections. Unless there is a change in sentiment there is a danger of the women losing their right to vote on educational matters.

Door County News

March 27, 1919


A family quarrel from the town of Union was aired in the justice court of L. J. Meverden on Wednesday.

Mrs. Mary Dier had Prosper Degrand arrested on the charge of having called her profane and indecent names. He denied the charge and a jury was called to decide the case.

A large number of witnesses were called during the trial.

The jury found the defendant guilty of the offense and the court fined him $5, which with the costs aggregate about $50.

Attorney W. E. Wagener represented the prosecution and T. A. Sanderson the defendant.

Door County News

March 28, 1929

Potowatomi Suggested As New Park Name

Potowatomi state park may be used to designate what is commonly known as Government Bluff. The name was suggested by Atty. T. A. Sanderson.

At the chamber of commerce meeting Monday a letter was read by Assemblyman Moulton B. Goff requesting that a name for the park be agreed upon. The name in turn will be forwarded to the conservation commission, who has requested it, and in all probabilities it will be adopted.

Among the names suggested were Nicolet, LaSalle, Allouez, Marquette, Andre, Townty, Potowatomi, Onanguisse. A number of the latter names were suggested by H. R. Holand.

It was thought that Nicolet park might be confusing to tourists with Nicolet Bay also in the county. Mr. Holand stated that a park in Clay Banks had been named LaSalle so this suggestion too was dropped. In suggesting Townty and Onanguisse, Mr. Holand explained that the former was a lieutenant in the Robert LaSalle expedition and the latter was a great Potowatomi chief.

Door County News

March 30, 1939




Sturgeon Bay Boy Scouts will interview housewives in this city on Saturday, April 15, in a survey to get all information possible about sentiment toward municipal garbage collection, such information to be turned over to the common council, it was learned this week. The Boy Scouts are cooperating with the Lions club, sponsors of the idea, in helping to assemble the information.

The idea of garbage collection was submitted in a recent Lions club civic betterment contest by Harvey Arveson, and so much favorable sentiment has been heard here and there, that club officials wish to make an accurate survey of such sentiment.

Questionnaires will be taken about by the boys, and cooperation from all citizens in conscientiously filling out the inquires is solicited. More details about the survey will be released in next week’s issue of The News.