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This weekend the Door County Brewing Co. Brewing Hall is celebrating their five year anniversary by releasing new beers at Door County Beer Festival, and even better, hosting two touring acts from Montana and Minnesota. Read on to find out more about these awesome bands.

The Lil Smokies

Give this band just seconds of your time and your feet will be tapping to the beat of their fast-paced bluegrass music. This five-piece from Montana is guaranteed to entertain Friday night with their complex harmonies and good-time feels. They also have some fresh tunes after the release of their latest album, Changing Shades, of last year. Check out their traditional, yet modern sound, complete with dobro, fiddle, guitar, banjo and bass. This sounds like a knee-slappin’ good time.

Night Moves

Night Moves, a country-esque indie rock band from Minneapolis, is making their way here for a Saturday night show. They’ve been in action since 2010 and have released two full-lengths, Colored Emotions and Pennied Days, with a few singles and an EP in between. Their sound has everything you want — dreamy falsetto from the lead singer, slide guitar and intricate rhythms. It’s fluid, too, sometimes sounding psychedelic, sometimes like pop. Their setlist is sure to be a diverse one, especially if you love music that makes you feel feelings.

Guess what? Both of these shows are FREE. The Lil Smokies perform on Friday, June 15 from 7-9 pm. Night Moves plays the following night, June 16 from 7-9 pm.

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