News From This Week’s Past: Aug. 25 – Sept. 1

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


The Independent, August 27, 1886

Mr. Beaumont, a gentleman from St. Louis, is at Geo. Pinney’s Evergreen Nurseries, superintending the manufacture of immense wreaths to be used for decorations at a convention to be held at St. Louis some time in September. Mr. Pinney will supply about four tons of wreathing, together with a ton of boughs and leaves.


Door County Democrat, August 26, 1893

Look out for the clothes-line robber. He has been heard of hereabouts. Better leave your clothes-line without garments at night, even if the weather be cool, than be short yourself. The careful housewife will endeavor to get her washing out early in the morning and into the basket again before darkness gives sneak thieves a chance.


Door County Democrat, August 24, 1907

Door county is developing into quite an extensive corn raising locality as is evidenced from the fact that Frank Knuth this week sold four corn harvesters in the southern towns. Those who have purchased the machines are:  Emil Meister, Chas. Antholt and Emil Pavlick, who purchased one together, and C.R. Guth, Chas. Kreiser and John Schinktgen, who each contracted for one of these labor-saving devices. These are the first corn harvesters introduced in this part of the country and as the farmers are paying more attention to the products of the dairy than formerly it is quite likely that many more of these machines will be put into use.


Door County News, August 23, 1917

The police on this side of the bay have been annoyed the past week with a number of night loungers. The men are employees of the stone quarries and come to town to get “tanked-up” then they look for a night’s lodging in the lock-up.


Door County News, August 25, 1927


Dedication services of the Forestville Union Sunday school building will be held at that place on Sunday. In the afternoon the services will begin at 2:00 o’clock and again at 7:30 in the evening.

The building, which was formerly the old German M.E. church located west of Forestville, was moved to town and remodeled and converted into the present building. It is to be used as a meeting place of Sunday school classes of all the churches.


Door County News, August 24, 1939


As the last ton of rock goes into the new $30,000 yacht club dock here, plans are being rushed to completion for the dedication and first annual Fish Creek Yacht club regatta, to be held here on Saturday, Sept. 2.

One of the highlights of the day will be the finish at the dock of the Green Bay Yacht club annual race, from the home port to the local dock.

The new yacht club dock has been built on the site of the foundations laid 75 years ago when the Wallace Hill Steamship company operated here. Later the Goodrich Transportation company used the dock, but since the cessation of operations by the latter company, nothing had been done with the dock. Through WPA grants and appropriations by the village, the sum of $30,000 was raised to finance the rebuilding of the dock in a modern manner.

The number of sailboats and other craft using the harbor this year has tripled in number since work on the dock has started.

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