News From This Week’s Past: July 21 – 28

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


Weekly Expositor Independent, July 16, 1880

Canal superintendent, Mr. G.H. Sager, informs us that it is his intention to use the “Modoc whistle” – a terrible screacher – at the canal as a single in foggy weather, that vessels may have a reliable means of making the Harbor of Refuge without endangering themselves with guess work.


The Republican, July 16, 1891

Kalmbach is receiving about a ton of fish daily, the greater part of the receipts being trout. The following are the prices paid. Trout, 4c; perch, 1c; Menominee whitefish and herring, 2c; sturgeon, 4c.


Door County Democrat, July 18, 1903

Girls who apparently go to church Sunday evenings for the sole purpose of being ogled by the gang of youths who congregate in the vicinity of the churches and on street corners and each of whom usually selects one of the girls to escort home, would confer a favor on a large number of church going young ladies, if they would conspicuously placard themselves “hook in,” so that the rest may go home unmolested. This is not intended for advice; merely a hint how to be accommodating.


Door County Democrat, July 19, 1918

The long-looked-for road to Idlewild is about completed and automobile parties can now reach this popular summer resort over a good macadam road. Henry Immel who has been overseer on this job has done an exceptionally good piece of work and at a cost much less than was anticipated by the town board. Nearly all of the property owners at Idlewild have donated their services in spreading the stone and this has been the means of extending the road much farther than it was expected.


Door County Democrat, July 16, 1925


One person was killed and three others injured when a cyclone struck this city on Saturday afternoon.

The dead is Frank Reynard, Sawyer. Injured:  Knute Christianson, Sawyer; Ademar McGuire, Menominee, Mich.; Adam Cuish, Morgan, Wis.

All four were carried into the bay when about 200 feet of the north side of the bridge on the east approach was torn off and thrown into the bay. The storm broke with a suddenness that was appalling and was all over in about five minutes. Trees were uprooted, limbs torn from them and considerable damage done in the path of the twister as it swept over the city.


Door County News, July 20, 1939


The Peninsula Players started their fifth consecutive season last week-end with their presentation of “The Circle,” Somerset Maugham’s well-known comedy, playing to larger audiences than has been their pleasure to play to before. Miss Caroline Fisher, Hollywood actress, who formed the original players group five years ago, has returned this year after a two year’s absence with her brother, Richard, will present another season of brilliant stage productions.

“Dracula” well-known horror mystery play, will be presented this week….The productions are given in “the theatre in a garden,” making for a beautiful setting, but necessitating clear weather.


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