News From This Week’s Past: Sept. 1 – 8

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


The Expositor, August 28, 1874

PROF. CHAMBERLAIN, now making the geological survey of this county, is professor of geology, zoology and chemistry in Beloit College. He has the reputation of being a scholar, thoroughly posted in the natural sciences. He is a plain, courteous gentleman. Our people will feel it a privilege to extend to him every facility for the prosecution of his labors.


Weekly Expositor Independent, August 31, 1883

Complaints are getting numerous of the boys “cooning,” or more properly stated, burglarizing gardens. A boy may as well enter a man’s house and steal money as to enter a garden on the sly, and take fruit and vegetables. Both come under one and the same heading – robbery. Parents should impress this upon the minds of their children. This is too progressive an age for this kind of deviltry to continue under the modest term of “cooning.”


Door County Democrat, August 31, 1895

Next Tuesday night, Sep. 3, there will be a total eclipse of the moon. The show will open about 10 P.M. and close about 2 A.M. the next day. Admission free.


Door County Democrat, August 27, 1904

Baldin Nicholausen, of Washington Island, was brought before Judge Dehos on Monday, and upon examination was adjudged insane and committed to the state asylum at Oshkosh. He was very violent and it took the united efforts of both Sheriff Fritschler and deputy sheriff Fellner to handle the man on the trip to Oshkosh. Nicholausen, who is an Icelander, is a man of 54 years of age, and had lived on Washington Island a number of years. He is married, and besides his wife, has an adopted child. He went insane over religion.


Door County Democrat, August 31, 1917


Commencing tomorrow, Saturday, September first, no perch smaller than eight inches will be allowed to be taken and kept or sold, but must be returned to the water.

There was a vigorous protest entered by fishermen operating in the waters of Green bay against the law, claiming that it would ruin their business if the law was enforced. Now that the State Conservation Commission has served notice that the law will be enforced it remains to be seen to what extent it will effect the fishermen. Over 2,000,000 pounds of perch are caught in the waters of Green Bay each year and it is claimed that a large number of these are under eight inches. In Door county Little Sturgeon is the greatest perch fishing grounds.


Door County News, August 29, 1929


Members of the county park commission of which H.R. Holand, Ephraim, is chairman, met Tuesday with the Conservation commission, and discussed the matter of co-operating in building a county airport at the Peninsula state park at Fish Creek.

At the last meeting of the county board the park commission was authorized to go ahead and inspect suitable sites for a county airport and to make arrangement for its purchase or lease. Privately owned sites suitable for this purpose were found too highly priced, and consequently the commission took up the matter of obtaining a site in the Peninsula state park. A large tract was chosen along Highway 17 near the Fish Creek entrance which was later pronounced ideal by a federal inspector. As soon as the site has been surveyed the co-operation and aid of the state in building the port will be solicited.

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